~Michelle Cummings has  always lived, breathed, and dreamed art for as long as she can remember. She’s  painted sets for local play houses, designed and sewn amazing costumes, worked with clay, wire, found objects and an assortment of materials. Color is her strong point, her trade mark.     She loves the challenge of a new project or technique and enjoys spending 'crafting' time with other like minded artist's.        

     Michelle is a stay at home mom, of a wonderful 3 year old little boy. He keeps her busy, very busy. She has been married to her soul mate since 2003. When asked how she finds time to make all her whimsical and fantastic treasures, she replies, “Thank goodness, I’m a night owl!”


Other Art related activities that Michelle is involved in are;

A altered-art Instructor at a the local Michaels Craft store

The  organizer of the West Coast Croppers ~http://scrapbook.meetup.com/575/ 

Craft Coordinator of a Mops program to which she attends with Dyllan.


Contact info: info@faeriedustdreams.com